Joos Woogas CHP

Our JEP-55 lean-burn CHP with 55kW electrical performance, achieves a power density of 11,7kWe per litre displacement.
This is absolutely top-notch in biomass wood gas sector. 

No wonders that efficiency does also reach unusual levels.
Related to 1 kg of lean wood chips there are up to 1,35kWh of electric energy possible, making our CHP to number one at it's class.

While other manufacturers of woodgas CHP's mostly renounce of using turbochargers because of the problems they have, we offer a super high efficient and long lasting turbo system you should have a look at.

CHP data:

  • engine-base MTZ D245
  • displacement 4,7l and 4 cylinders
  • water cooled turbocharger with fix turbine nozzles
  • low-temperature intercooling
  • oil level control and auto filling
  • IE3 75kW asynchronous generator with more than 95% efficiency at operating point
  • cutting-edge D-CS electronic-system


Our base-engine gets totally disassembled and built up as gas-unit, a lot of the moving parts are replaced, strengthened or machined.
Especially cylinderhead, pistons and sealings are heavily modificated.
All parts do underlie strict quality control, for a product you can rely on.