A combined heat and power unit (CHP) is used to convert woodgas into electrical and thermal energy.
Basically it consists of a gas-combustion-engine which drives a generator.
The generator in turn produces electrical energy which can be fed into the public grid or taken for own use.
The coolant warmth and exhaust energy of the engine is transfered into the heating system.

Thereby the CHP does mainly determine electrical- and total efficiency of the wood gas cogeneration plant.

The composition of woodgas and its patchy quality put high requirements on materials, construction and electronic control.

We have set oneselfe to combine a maximum of electrical efficiency with high durability, maintainability and spare parts disposability.

Achievable through holistically thinking and developments, starting by choice of our engines, its modifications and modern process control.

Our modern manufacturing and in-house developed electronic devices allow us to set high quality standards and fabricate cost effective products.

The special strenth of our engines

  • high efficient turbocharging system

  • patented gas-mixing design allows smooth and clear combustion cycles and prevents the turbo from early failure

  • high compression ratios with ideal combustion chamber layout same as high quality pistons and cylinder liners

  • gas-prooved in-house developed cylinderheads ensure smooth operation and long lifetime

  • exhaust heat exchangers immune towards clogging

  • cylinder liners and pistons of the CHP are on place swappable, this is why engine overhaul can be managed fast and reasonable

  • tough and rational engine-base

  • high intelligent D-CS control-system allows knock control and continuously analysis engines angular acceleration, this allows perfect engine diagnostics and maintenance intervals at the right time