Gas-proofed cylinderhead for Belarus 4 cylinder

Long since, cylinderheads of gas-engines have turned out as weak part of the system.
Especially engines with forced induction and/or high exhaust temperatures do suffer from wear at the valve shaft and seat caused by missing lubrication.

Because of this our Belarus 4,7l cylinderheads are heavily modificated with replacement of all moved parts and correcture of constructive weakpoints.

Now we can offer you a gas-proofed cylinderhead for Belarus 4 cylinder 8V engines, also suitable for biogas applications.

our cylinderhead provides:

  • stronger valves
  • high temperature hardened valve seats
  • valve guides made from special material
  • FPM valve seals
  • CNC-machined ports and bigger valve profile
  • higher quality valve springs
  • planing
  • spark plug thread
  • leakproofed
  • different reworks and cleaning