IGS ignition system

You already have a CHP and you are annoyed about miss- and backfiring, defects at the ignition cable or unstable power output?

You need to reduce electrode-gap at the spark plugs to get the engine to work?

We have the solution!


Our IGS is a high-preciesely microprocessor-based ignition system.
It offers best reliability and very strong ignition sparks in a super smart package.


  • sequential ignition system up to 8 cylinders
  • supports trigger sensors on cam and/or crank
  • easiely programmable over USB
  • ignition timings adjustable regarding engine speed (better starting of the CHP)
  • programm-structure avoids back- and missfiring
  • very smart package allows installation right into the wiring loom
  • optional knock-control



plug and play

For the following engines we are able to offer you a plug and play kit including;
ignitionsystem, wiring loom, ignition coils and installation brackets:

  • Belarus 4 cylinder 8V


looking forward for your request!