D-CS expert knowledge

The D-CS unit is equipped with three different microcontrollers, each executes a mainfunction of the unit: BUS-connection, oxigen sensor control and ignition control.
Standart BUS protocol is Profi-Bus but can be changed with little effort to Profi-Net, Modbus, Modbus-TCP, CAN-Bus aso.
All digital outputs are type I error safe.
The D-CS is RoHS and CE conform.

in and outputs:

8x      ignition output for 12V coils (upgradeable up to 32x)
1x      piezo-nocksensor
1x      LSU 4.9 oxigen sensor (state of the art)
1x      PWM 12V output
16x    24V output
16x    24V input
2x      triggersensor engine
2x      0-10V output
2x      thermocouple Typ-K (linearised by NIST)
6x      PT1000 temperaturesensor (corrected)
8x      4-20mA input
2x      CO-sensor 5V
3x      thermistor-sensor (generator)