Hard work over a long period with modern software and analysis was required to develop our high performance cutting-edge CHP controller.

The unit we are talking is a pheripheral electronic device which manages all electronic proceedings of the CHP. Designed as BUS-slave our D-CS is totally inegrated into the automatisation.

Compact design and all-in-one function reduces costs and cabling effort, while error- and enginecontrol is highly imroved.

Mainfunctions are:

  • ignition control
  • oxygen sensor control
  • interpretation of temperature and pressure sensors
  • utilize CO-sensors
  • controling of butterfly valves
  • operating of pheripheric valves, starters, pumps aso.
  • connection of different binary sensors


The D-CS CHP controller is seperately just offered to business clinets with higher quantity oders. We hope for your understanding.